Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What Causes Sewer Line Stoppages in a Home

Congratulations Your a Home Owner!

Congratulations, as a homeowner you can now experience the pride that comes with owning your own home.  Along with that pride of ownership however, comes a ton of responsibilities.
There is the need for constant upkeep and regular maintenance.  And while occasional maintenance is paramount to addressing issues as they arise, just as important is incorporating a preventive maintenance program.


Many of us are familiar with the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
In the event you are not familiar with this line, essentially, it means that the time or costs accrued in making routine inspections and addressing minor issues is well worth it compared to discovering the issue in an emergency situation such as faulty wiring causing an electrical fire or a roof that has been leaking undetected until water damage is noticed.

However, those are maintenance issues that naturally come to mind, but how often do you think of your sewer-line and what that would entail if it were to back-up or even worse, crack or break?

What Can Cause My Sewer Line to Get Blocked Up?

There are several ways in which a main sewer-line can become clogged.  One of the main problems is flushing items down the toilet that should be tossed in the trash and another way is using too much toilet tissue. 

There are other factors that can come into play depending on what type sewer-line you have.  You will be better served by flushing only items which are meant to be flushed down the toilet.
For all other items or materials, using a trash can is your best bet.