Thursday, February 26, 2015

Prominent Plumbing Problems

The Most Common Plumbing Problems We Face

Plumbers see the same common problems day after day. Make yourself aware of these common issues, and help prevent that 2 A.M. phone call to your beloved plumber.

Clogged Toilets

One of the most common problems Los Angeles plumbers face is clogged toilets. The problem isn't the plumbing itself; it’s home-owners and renters flushing all kinds of items they shouldn't

The best thing you can do for your toilet and the sanity of your plumber is simple: if it’s not toilet paper or human waste, don’t flush it!

Kids are often the culprits on this one. They like to flush coins, cotton balls, toy trucks, and daddy’s expensive watch down the toilet. 
While we understand how entertaining flushing water can be for young ones, keep your eye on them. 

Consider installing some childproofing features that prevent young ones from lifting the toilet lid without assistance. 

Just keep in mind that this could be dangerous if you’re potty training. You might end up having to call a maid to sterilize your floors if little Johnny can’t lift the toilet lid. Adults must remember not to flush feminine products or flushable wipes. 

The advertisements lie- they aren’t really flushable. Paper towels don’t belong down the toilet either. Do yourself a favor and invest in a nice sized garbage can to stow away near the toilet for non-flushable items.

Garbage Disposal Woes
 Public service announcement: "Your garbage disposal is not a blender." I repeat, your garbage disposal does not work like a blender. 
Broken garbage disposals are not only an inconvenience, but they can also leave your home smelling awful. 
To avoid breaking the garbage disposal, be sure to always run it with cold water while running and for about 90 seconds after the noise stops. 

Just like your toilet, certain items don’t belong in the garbage disposal. Foods like rice and coffee grounds actually expand when they’re wet, so toss them directly in the trash. 

Vegetable peels, rinds, and seeds should remain away from the garbage disposal as well as they often get stuck and have to be removed by hand. Oils and fats harden once they dry and will ruin your garbage disposal. Instead, let them harden and throw them away. Bones are eggshells are very hard and can damage the parts of your disposal.

Hairy Situations

Hair is a plumber’s worst enemy. Hair clogs sinks and shower and bathtub drains. Regularly clean these drains and remove any hair that you can prevent from going down the drain. 

This is probably a job for the ladies since they seem to habitually shed in the shower or while doing their hair near the bathroom sink each morning. If you have guests staying with you, have them wait 15 minutes in between each person showering. This will allow the shower to completely drain before the next person uses it.

Don’t play Mr. Fixit and try to resolve the problem on your own

By following these simple steps, you can save yourself some plumbing headaches. 
If you do run into an issue, don’t play Mr. Fixit and try to resolve the problem on your own. Let your plumber handle any issues that may arise. Saving a few dollars in the short run isn’t worth the long-term effects. 

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  1. We have been having problems with our bathroom lately. When we flush the toilet, it doesn't fill the bowl again very much. I think there is something clogging the pipe or something with the pressure.