Sunday, July 26, 2020

Benefits of hiring a plumber before buying a house

Plumbers play an integral role in house inspection. It is, therefore, necessary to hire a professional plumber to inspect before concluding the purchase process. The unfortunate aspect is that most home buyers underestimate the need to examine the house's plumbing system before buying.

Basically, hiring a professional plumber to access the plumbing system's conditions saves you costly, unnecessary repairs that you may incur after acquiring the house.

This article highlights varied areas of focus you need to put into consideration before purchasing a house.

Sewerage system

Overflowing sewage, frequent blockage, stink, and the headache that comes with incurring costs of fixing the problem every often are some of the worst experiences that no one would like to go through. 

Therefore, plumbing services are necessary to help in the inspection to ascertain whether the problem can be sorted out or can lead to an unpleasant experience for the family. 

Additionally, a professional plumber analyses the entire sewerage system and offers recommendations, bases on their sewer line inspection,  to the seller on what needs to be fixed before buying the house. Alternatively, the cost of repair can be factored into the purchase price so that the buyer doesn't incur extra charges.


Inspecting the shower helps detect any leakages or faulty valves. Should any problem be detected, either whole or part of the shower will have to be replaced. 

To test whether the shower is in excellent condition, open the taps and run the water. Should you observe any leakages, then the problem will have to be fixed.


Most homes grapple with low water pressure. It is, therefore, necessary to inspect the size of pipes used in the house. 

This helps ascertain whether the family will be able to cope with the slow water pressure or hire a professional plumber to offer recommendations on how to deal with the situation.

Water meter

Water meter Is one of the most essential plumbing aspects that should be checked out during the inspection. Ideally, the water meter contains a dial indicating the flow of water. To confirm whether there is a leakage, shut down the taps and check the water dial. If the water dial keeps moving after closing the taps, then a leakage might be imminent.

The color of water

Who doesn't like clear water? 

Check the color of water running from the taps. Should you spot yellow-brown or any other color, then most likely, the taps could be rusting. This calls for a replacement to ensure water from the taps is clean for use by the family.

Bathroom sinks

Sinks are prone to leakage. To test whether the plumbing system is working properly, run the water till it fills the sink. This will help in detecting any leakage on the sink. In this case, keenly observe the drain stopper on the sink for any leakage. 

In most cases, fixing the leakage on the sink requires tightening the drain stopper, though should that not work, further repair work has to be carried out.


The need to hire a professional plumber to inspect your house before buying is paramount to save you from incurring unnecessary costs associated with repair. This article offers insights into why inspecting the status of plumbing system in the house before buying is essential.


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