Friday, September 4, 2020

YES! Plumbing Repairs You can Do It Yourself

Are there any plumbing repairs you can do it yourself?

The answer is YES!

If you like to do things yourself, if you know what you’re doing, and you have the right tools, you can save money by doing certain plumbing repairs yourself rather than calling in a professional plumbing service.

Do-it-Yourselfers can easily do the following plumbing repairs themselves:

Changing Washers on Faucets:

A leaky faucet can often be fixed by simply changing the washer. Turn off the water to that faucet and change the washer. Tighten the washer, tighten the faucet and you’re done. If changing the washer didn’t solve the problem you may need a new faucet. 

Use only brand name faucets like Moen or Price-Pfister. You can buy it yourself from your favorite place and then call a licensed plumber in Orange County to install it professionally for you.

Attach Aerators to Your Faucets:

An aerator can reduce the amount of water you use at each faucet. Attach an aerator to the spout of each faucet in your bathroom and kitchen, and voila, you have instant “low-flow” faucets, reducing your water consumption which saves you money on your water bill.

Install Strainers on Sinks:

Food going down your kitchen drains and hair going down your bathroom drains are the biggest causes of residential plumbing stoppages. Install mesh strainers on every drain in your bathroom and kitchen. Keep the strainers free of dirt and you should have fewer clogs and stoppages in your drains. 

If your drains are still clogged, you may need to plunge your drains. For this you will need a plunger. If plunging doesn’t work, you may need a cabling device (also known as a “plumber’s snake”). These are available in hand-held or electric versions. 

The cabling device has rotating steel blades which rotate and drill through the stoppage and clear it away. If you have a more serious stoppage in your sewer line, neither plunging nor cabling will do anything: you will need to bring in a hydro jet machine, which generates a high-pressure stream of water which literally blows away the obstruction. 

A professional plumber in Los Angeles should have the very latest hydro jet machines to remove even the most stubborn stoppage in sewer lines. The hydro jet also scours and cleans the insides of your pipes. Call your expert Los Angeles drain cleaning service to keep your drains flowing smoothly.

Plunge The Toilet:

If you have  a plunger, you can often clear a toilet stoppage yourself. Make sure there is water in the toilet bowl when you plunge - the plunger works by forcing water down the drain. Use a good plunger - one with a tube inside the dome, which fits down into the toilet as far as possible. If plunging the toilet doesn’t work, you will need a “plumbing snake”. 

If that doesn’t work, call Mr Speedy and get the best Orange County plumbing service to do it for you. One call and we can be there within the hour to resolve any plumbing or drain-cleaning issue.

Install a New Toilet:

Over time, things will go wrong with your toilet due to wear and tear. Your toilet mechanism can deteriorate, has developed cracks or leaks, or uses too much water per flush, or even if the water is a different color than it should be, it might be time to replace the entire toilet. 

Again, you can do this yourself or you can call a licensed Orange county plumber to do it professionally for you. We highly recommend the new “low-flow” toilets which use as little as 1.6 gallons per flush compared to the 5 gallons your current toilet uses for each flush. This reduces your water consumption and saves you money on your water bill. 

If you want to buy the hardware yourself, a professional plumbing contractor can give you advice on the best toilets to buy, and then we can install it for you. We always provide a warranty on all our equipment, parts and labor.

Install Your Own Water Heater:

If your water heater is leaking from the top, it might be repaired, but if it is leaking from the bottom it will need to be replaced. You have several choices when selecting a new water: you can choose between electric and gas-powered water heaters. 

There are also solar-powered water heaters which reduce your power bill. And then there are the new tankless water heaters, known as “water on demand”. These types don’t have a tank, so you don’t have to use a large amount of water and wait till it heats up. 

Tank-less water heaters deliver instant hot water and are perfect for a single sink or shower. Be sure to use the services of a certified installer of the major brands of water heaters including Rheem and Bradford White when you call a plumber in Los Angeles and the surrounding Orange County area. Make sure you hire a plumber who is following the latest CDC Guideline. 

Major Plumbing Fixes and Issues?

If you need to do something major - like installing a new shower, tub,sink, garbage disposal or water heater, or check sewer line- we highly recommend you use a professional plumber or licensed plumbing contractor
 If you want to buy the hardware yourself at your favorite hardware/plumbing supply store, go ahead.

Many plumbers in your area will be happy to give you some advice about which hardware to buy, and then professionally install it for you. 

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